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Suntec REIT's portfolio of 1.3 million sq ft in Suntec City office towers across Towers One to Five offers great flexibility for prospective tenants in choosing among differently sized floor plates which range from 10,000 sq ft to 28,000 sq ft. Column-free floor plates also ensures the most efficient usage of office space, whilst generous ceiling height and office depth create spaciousness within the office. Equipped with intelligent building management systems, tenants are ensured of smooth and efficient operations and facilities within the office towers.

As business continuity planning has become increasingly important for premises decisions, M&E settings such as backup generators and chiller sets are built to accommodate business needs. All office towers are equipped with a concierge, manned by 24-hour security personnel. Round the clock advanced security systems are also in place so that business can continue uninterrupted around the clock.
Four 45-storey and one 18-storey tower make up the 5 office towers at Suntec City. The latter has 28,000 square feet of net lettable floor area on each floor while the 45-storey towers consists of floor plates ranging from 10,000 to 14,000 square feet. In total, there are about 2.3 million square feet of prime office space.

For maximum efficiency and flexibility, every floor at Suntec City has large, regular column-free space. On top of that, the provision of generous ceiling height and office depth creates spaciousness within the office. Space is available on shell and core basis, allowing one the freedom to incorporate any design, saving both time and money.
Dubbed "Asia's Vertical Silicon Valley", Suntec City is at the forefront of innovation, adopting cutting edge technology and investing heavily in info-communications to facilitate the delivery of value-added services. The office towers are built upon the concept of "Intelligent Buildings" which ensures the smooth and efficient operation of businesses. Some of these facilities and services include:
Tenants are able to conduct B2B transactions on this internet portal, enabling them to benefit from substantial cost savings, increased efficiency and better operational work flow.
Tenants are able to conduct video conferencing at very affordable rates and minimal system resources as this system rides on the IP infrastructure.
Suntec City is wired up by three world-class broadband suppliers with fibre-optic cables delivering multimedia, network and wireless capabilities. Visitors will be able to access internet using the wireless broadband facilities available. With the wireless broadband network in place, Suntec City is able to explore the integration of Bluetooth, Wireless LAN and 3G technology to gear itself for the future developments in wireless technology, becoming a bona fide 'Wireless City'.
A unique advantage of Suntec City Office Towers is the high-speed passenger lifts that serve the low, mid and high floors. These computerised lifts use an expert system to ensure passengers of a smooth and efficient ride. Passengers can be assured of waiting time lasting not more than 30 seconds.
Occupants in Suntec City also enjoy a wide range of recreational facilities such as a swimming pool and tennis courts. Besides fulfilling the traditional role of providing space for office and retail activities, this commercial development effectively combines functionality with fun and leisure thus making it an ideal choice for businesses.
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